Khan: Imran Khan back in Lahore after getting bail in many cases

LAHORE: Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan reached his residence here on Saturday morning after a long standoff with authorities in Islamabad during which he was forced to remain at the courthouse to ensure his safety despite being released bail in a number of cases. . The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Friday granted him a two-week protective bond in a corruption case and barred authorities from arresting the former Pakistani prime minister in any case registered in the country until Monday .
Three different IHC benches granted relief to 70-year-old Pakistani leader Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), who was escorted to court under tight security.
Prior to his departure for Lahore after obtaining general bonds from the IHC in a number of cases relating to treason and violence and one relating to the Al-Qadir Trust corruption case in which he was arrested in start of this week, Khan was reportedly forced to stay more than three hours in court by Islamabad police for security reasons.
He left the court premises after a long confrontation with the authorities. Upon reaching his Zaman Park residence here, Khan was greeted by a number of jubilant PTI workers who poured rose petals on his vehicle, danced to the sound of drums and led massive fireworks.
They also chanted slogans in favor of Khan and against the PML-N-led ruling coalition.
The PTI released a video of Khan entering the house where his sisters and other family members greeted him and inquired about his health. Khan, who is calling for a snap general election, faces more than 120 cases across the country.
“Inspector General of Islamabad (IG) Police Akbar Nasir tried his best to hold me at the high court in the capital. They wouldn’t let us go for three hours, saying it was dangerous outside. “, said the head of the PTI in a video message from his vehicle in which he was returning to Lahore.
He said he told the IG that he would tell all of Pakistan that he was kidnapping him and let him go.
Minister of the Interior Rana Sanaullah had previously said the government could take Khan into custody, which made the PTI chief and his associates skeptical of the IG’s action.
Islamabad Police also issued a statement stating that security is a bilateral matter where the subject’s cooperation is required.
“Imran Khan did not cooperate with us for security arrangements, so he is responsible for his actions. If anything happens to him (Khan), state institutions will not be responsible,” he said. declared.
Khan’s arrest on Tuesday by the Pakistani Rangers at the premises of the IHC in a corruption case sparked unrest in Pakistan which continued until Friday, in which dozens of people were killed and dozens of military and state installations were destroyed by the protesters.
For the first time in Pakistan’s history, protesters broke into the Army Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi and also set a corps commander on fire.the House in Lahore.
Police have killed 10 people in violent clashes while Khan’s party says 40 of its staff lost their lives in gunfire from security personnel.


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