Punjab and Haryana HC: Impossible to recover the extra pension paid by mistake to the ex-serviceman | News from India

CHANDIGARH: ‘Excess Pension’ Cannot Be Withdrawn From Military Veteran Who Retired Nearly 50 Years Ago Just Because The Amount Was ‘Wrongly’ Paid, Punjab & Haryana HC withheld and charged the Center Rs 25,000 for its “illegal and perverse” order to recover an 80-year-old man.
“THE Union of India any recovery is prevented. The amount already paid by the applicant will be repaid immediately together with interest of 6% per annum within three months”, Justice Jasgurpreet Singh Puri he said accepting the petition of Kashmir Singh of Punjab. The HC pointed out that he had retired in 1974 and had been “forced to appeal” because of the pension recovery order. “Union of India’s action violates the law established by SC”, Justice Puri She said.
Singh was recruited as a sepoy in 1964 and his retirement commenced in April 1979 in ‘Category-C’. After 45 years of retirement, the Center detected an error in its computer system and claimed that he had been claimed for his pension as a reservist but obtained it as a sepoy because of the error.
The Center asked Singh to deposit the excess amount and started deductions of Rs 3,500 a month from his pension. Contesting the HC’s decision, Singh said he had not committed any fraud or misrepresentation. If his pension was erroneously fixed by the Centre, he cannot be recovered after retirement.


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