From May 17 you will be able to track your lost phone | News from India

NEW DELHI: Cell phone users will be able to lock down and track their lost or stolen cell phones across India with the government’s rollout of a tracking system this week.
The Center for Department of Telematics (CDoT) technology development body has managed the pilot project of the CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) system in some telecommunication circles including Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka and the northeast, and the system it is now ready for the scenic -deployment in India, said a DoT official. “The CEIR system is scheduled for an all-India rollout on May 17,” the official said. When contacted, CEO and president of Project council at CDOT Rajkumar Upadhyay confirmed that the technology is ready for rollout across India. “The system will be rolled out across India this quarter. This will enable people to block and track their lost mobile phones,” Upadhyay She said.
CDoT was able to add functionality to control the use of cloned cell phones across all telecommunications networks. The government has made disclosure mandatory IMEI – a unique 15-digit numerical identifier – of mobile devices prior to their sale in India.
Mobile networks will have access to the list of approved IMEI numbers, which will check for unauthorized mobile phones entering their network.
Telecom operators and the CEIR system will have visibility into the IMEI number of the device and the mobile phone number linked to it, and the information is used in some states to track your lost or stolen mobile phones through CEIR.
The basic purpose of the CEIR is to facilitate the reporting of stolen and lost mobiles and block the use of mobiles across India. This will discourage cell phone theft, enable the police to trace stolen and lost cell phones, the detection of cloned or counterfeit cell phones and the use of such cloned cell phones.


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