In the middle of the G7, China holds its own summit with Central Asia

XIAN: Chinese leader Xi Jinping is kicking off a summit on Thursday that the country heralds as a historic milestone, rolling out the red carpet for five Central Asian countries that are key to China’s regional ambitions.
The first China-Central Asia summit is part of China’s broader goal of strengthening economic and political partnerships with like-minded countries, to counter what it sees as a state-dominated world order. States that tries to contain and suppress China. Central Asian heads of state gathered in the historic city of Xian, China, on Thursday for one-on-one talks with President Xi to seal pledges of “lasting” friendship. China’s Foreign Ministry said an “important” political document will be signed during the meeting. Notably, Xi’s summit was scheduled on the eve of the annual G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, which begins on Friday.
Across the city of Xian, from where the ancient Silk Road linked Imperial China to western civilizations more than a millennium ago, banners, billboards and even taxi signs were installed to promote the summit.
China is stepping up its economic and political engagement with former Soviet states as Russia channels its remaining resources into the war in Ukraine. Some Central Asian states are increasingly standing up to Moscow, Kazakhstan failing to recognize Russian-controlled regions in eastern Ukraine, Tajikistan demanding more “respect” from the Kremlin.


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