G7 incubator for anti-Russian and anti-Chinese “hysteria”: Russia

MOSCOW (Reuters) – The Russian Foreign Ministry on Sunday called the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan a “politicized” event which it said produced anti-Russian and anti-Chinese statements and accused the forum of undermine global stability.
Moscow went wild after G7 leaders said they wouldn’t give up on supporting Ukraine, in a warning to the Russian president Cheese fries as he claimed to have taken the city of Bakhmutsomething Kyiv denied.
The Russian Foreign Ministry says the G7 has ‘irreversibly deteriorated’ and the forum has become ‘an ‘incubator’ where, under the leadership of the Anglo-Saxons, destructive initiatives are being prepared that undermine stability world”. The statement accuses the G7 of stoking anti-Russian and anti-Chinese “hysteria”.


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