Pakistan hands over 33 pro-Imran Khan protesters to face trial in military courts

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani civil authorities have handed over 33 suspects to be tried by military courts following attacks on army facilities during violent protests in support of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, it said on Friday the minister of the Interior.
Protests erupted across Pakistan after Khan was arrested on May 9, and while he was later released on bail on numerous charges, including corruption, his confrontation with the country’s powerful generals escalated. intensified.
Protesters stormed military installations, including the house of a senior general in Lahore, which was set on fire. Thousands of people, mostly Khan supporters, have since been arrested.
“The defendants who are handed over to the army are those who broke into very sensitive defense installations,” Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah told reporters.
Military courts are closed to foreigners and no media is allowed. Rights groups have criticized the secretive nature of the process.
Political unrest has deepened as Pakistan faces its worst economic crisis in decades. Inflation is at record highs, economic growth is anemic and there are fears that the country will fail to repay its external debts unless the International Monetary Fund releases deferred disbursements.


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