Rahul Gandhi: Grandfather did not become mantri, 7-year-old girl writes to Rahul Gandhi | News from India

BENGALURU: The granddaughter of Congress TB member Jayachandra has written to Rahul Gandhi, saying she is “upset” that her grandfather has not been appointed as a minister in the Karnataka government and asked him to find him a seat in the cabinet.
In his letter, seven years Aarna Sandep She said: “Dear Rahul Gandhi, I am the granddaughter of TB Jayachandra. My grandfather was not made a minister. Therefore, I am very upset. He must be made a minister because he is hardworking, he loves people and helps them. He should be made a minister.”
Aarna is a grade 3 student and daughter of Sandep TJ, Jayachandra’s second son. “We were watching the news on TV when it was revealed that her grandfather was not appointed minister. She started crying. To comfort her, we told her to write to Rahul. She took it seriously and wrote a letter,” she said. said Sandeep. He said that he had gone with Arna at his father’s house when Jayachandra’s supporters saw the letter and took pictures of it. He said they are planning to send it to Rahul. tnn


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