We prepared for this day ever since I became captain: Rohit Sharma labels World Cup final as ‘biggest moment of career’ | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: A candid Rohit Sharma on Saturday admitted that the World Cup final against Australia is the biggest moment of his career and his teammates, adding that the side had been preparing for this day since he became the captain.
As India and Australia gear up for the mouth-watering summit clash at the world’s largest cricket stadium – Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad – on Sunday, Rohit stressed on the importance of sticking to their game and being calm and composed rather than worrying about the opposition.
“This is a huge occasion without a doubt. Whatever we have dreamt so far is here. This is the most challenging aspect for professional sportsmen as to how you keep such challenges out of your minds and keep your focus. This is the biggest moment in our careers and it is important to stay calm and composed because that is where you can execute your plans better. You don’t get to play World Cup finals daily. I have grown up watching 50-over World Cups so for me it’ll be the biggest occasion,” said Rohit on the eve of the final.
“We have prepared for this day ever since I became the captain. We had to identify players in the last 2 years, as per the formats. We had given role clarity and lots of discussions between the captain and coach. The importance of role clarity is huge for us reaching this platform. We have tried our best to keep the mindset and roles clear. So far so good, hopefully tomorrow as well,” said Rohit.
Hailing head coach Rahul Dravid’s work behind the curtains, Rohit said that he had given everyone complete freedom to express themselves.
“Rahul bhai’s contribution has been massive. He’s given freedom and the liberty to everyone,” Rohit said.

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