Glasgow City Council set to ban pavement parking | UK News

Scotland’s largest local authority is planning to enforce a ban on pavement parking.

Glasgow has confirmed it intends to follow Edinburgh’s lead and fine drivers who breach the parking controls, which will include a crackdown on double parking and parking at dropped kerbs.

Motorists who ignore the rules could face a £100 penalty.

Glasgow City Council said the ban will come into force “in the near future”. A date is expected to be set once updated software systems are in place.

The local authority is also undertaking a full assessment of its road network to establish if any streets should be exempt from the rules.

In the meantime, at least 146 warning notices have been issued to drivers across the city where problem parking has been identified – including streets in Springburn, Milton, Strathbungo, Barmulloch, Pollokshields, Shawlands and Battlefield.

Pavement parking can cause particular challenges for those with mobility issues, older people and parents with pushchairs.

Councillor Angus Millar, convener for transport, said it can deter people from walking in their communities.

He added: “The new powers that allow enforcement against pavement parking, double parking and parking next to dropped kerbs will help us tackle the many complaints we receive from concerned residents across the city.”

In 2021, the Scottish government passed a law giving local authorities the power to prohibit pavement parking.

The legislation received ministerial approval in December, which led to Edinburgh becoming the first city in Scotland to enforce the ban last month.

In Edinburgh, the £100 fine is reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days.

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Councillor Millar added: “To raise awareness of the new powers, we have been issuing warning notices to drivers in various parts of the city where problem parking has been identified.

“We hope this approach will encourage drivers to make changes to how they park their vehicles before they risk being issued with a £100 penalty charge notice.

“Our back-office systems are being updated in line with the new legislation and aim to begin full enforcement of the new powers in the near future.

“We are also undertaking a full assessment of the roads network to help us establish if it would be appropriate to exempt any streets from a pavement parking ban.”


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