Woman in Russia sleeps with husband’s mummified corpse for 4 years, engages in occult rituals

NEW DELHI: A woman in Russia slept alongside her husband’s mummified corpse for nearly four years, engaging in occult rituals inspired by an ancient Egyptian god, according to police statements, as reported by the New York Post.
She also prohibited her children, warning them not to disclose anything about their father under the threat of being sent to an orphanage or a mental health facility.
Svetlana, a 50-year-old woman, shared bed with the desiccated remains of her husband, Vladimir, as reported by the Russian news site 78.ru.
The incident occurred at their expansive six-bedroom residence in the village of Starosiverskaya in the Leningrad region in December 2020, where her 49-year-old husband succumbed to a heart attack following a heated domestic dispute during which the wife shouted death wishes at the man.
The irked wife ignored her husband lying motionless on the floor for four hours, thinking that he was pretending, until the couple’s eldest daughter realized that something was wrong with her dad.
The woman, angered with her husband, dismissed his motionless state on the floor for four hours, believing he was pretending, until their eldest daughter noticed something was wrong with her father.
Then the mother prohibited her children from asking questions about their father and wrapped up Vladimir’s lifeless body in a blanket, moving it into the bedroom.
The eerie revelation occurred last Thursday when social workers visited the house to assess the well-being of Svetlana’s children – 11-year-old twin boys and their two girls aged eight and seventeen.
Despite having visited the family over a dozen times since 2021, caseworkers had previously overlooked the presence of the father’s desiccated remains in the bed.
According to the Russian Investigative Committee for the Leningrad region, Vladimir’s body exhibited no signs of trauma indicative of foul play.
During a search of the disorganized house, various items linked to mysticism were discovered, including an Egyptian cross situated at the feet of the mummified husband, along with tarot cards, amulets, and images of animal skulls, as reported by the Russian outlet 47news.ru.
One of the bedrooms in the house had been transformed into an improvised shrine dedicated to Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god associated with funerary rites and the guardian of the underworld.
Reportedly, the wife conducted rituals to help preserve her husband’s body instead of laying him to rest, which she claimed was what Vladimir would have wanted.
The woman had informed others that her husband, who was missing, was in Tibet undergoing alternative medical treatment, reported the New York Post.
Prior to his death, Vladimir faced foot issues due to his habit of refusing to wear shoes outdoors and opting for slippers, even in freezing weather.
The wife has a long history of psychiatric observation due to a reported genetic predisposition for schizophrenia.
She held a part-time position as a veterinarian and operated from her home, with her daughter serving as her surgical assistant.
After the unsettling discovery in her residence, Svetlana was transported to a hospital for a mental health assessment. Her four children were also sent to the hospital for assessment.
The Russian Investigative Committee said that any charges in the case “will be made based on the results of the forensic medical examination of the body and necessary verification activities, during which all the circumstances, as well as the causes and conditions of the incident, will be established.”
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