Exclusive – Ankita Lokhande reacts to claims of using Sushant Singh Rajput’s name for attention in Bigg Boss 17; says ‘Mujhe Kisi ke baare mein baat karne ke liye Kisi ki permission ki koi zarurat nahi’ |

Ankita Lokhande‘s journey in Bigg Boss 17 was indeed marked by numerous challenges and obstacles. However, despite these hurdles, the actress demonstrated resilience and determination, ultimately emerging as one of the finalists of the season. During her journey in Bigg Boss 17, Ankita’s frequent discussions about Sushant Singh Rajput within the house sparked controversy and criticism. This led to a certain section of fans criticizing her, alleging that she exploited the late actor’s name for sympathy. However, during a recent chat with ETimes TV, Ankita refuted all the accusations made against her, explaining that she doesn’t need anyone’s permission to discuss Sushant Singh Rajput and that she is not answerable to anyone.
Reacting to the accusations, Ankita said, “Yes, I read about it and I would like to say that I don’t need anyone’s fan following and Mujhe Kisi ke baare mein baat karne ke liye bhi Kisi ki permission ki koi zarurat nahi. If someone has done something really nice in their life, I would definitely discuss it. I used to discuss my father a lot in the Bigg Boss 17 house because I felt he was an integral part of my life. Yes, I discussed Sushant as well Kyunki agar mere Saamne koi ladka baitha hai and he wants to be like his inspiration Sushant and if I know about Sushant then why won’t I speak or share information. I will definitely motivate that person. Agar koi insaan chala Gaya Aur usne bahut acchi cheezein ki hai life mein I don’t have a problem discussing him. Mere husband ko koi problem nahi hai, I’m not answerable to people.”
During the interview, Ankita further discussed about her learning from the Bigg Boss 17 house and shared that she has learnt to not be over-emotional and over-expressive, “I have learnt from my journey that you should not be over-emotional and over-expressive. These two things you should avoid sometimes. You should have control over your emotions and reactions. The Bigg Boss house teaches you a lot of things and it has taught me that it good to get emotional but being over-emotional is not right. I am learning from it.”

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