‘Fantastic’ Jasprit Bumrah: Dale Steyn Praises India’s Premier Pacer | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Jasprit Bumrah, with his unorthodox technique, ability to deliver toe-crushing yorkers, and unsettling pace, has transcended conventional challenges on the cricket field, attaining a legendary status, according to the renowned fast-bowler Dale Steyn.
In the second Test against England in Visakhapatnam, Bumrah played a pivotal role in India’s impressive victory, leveling the five-match series at 1-1.
Steyn commended the premier pacer for his remarkable skill in consistently delivering wicket-taking yorkers, even on pitches in India known for being less supportive to fast bowlers. He emphasised that only a select few bowlers possess such a unique and impactful ability.

“I don’t think there’s any Test bowlers right now who are able to run in and bowl essentially wicket-taking yorkers.
“To take wickets in Test matches, there are probably a handful of guys who could do that. Trent Boult was one of that, Mitchell Starc maybe. And obviously, Bumrah,” Steyn said on Friday.
The Sunrisers Eastern Cape bowling coach was interacting with the Indian media on the eve of their SA20 title clash in Cape Town.
When contemplating Bumrah’s effectiveness in diverse conditions, Steyn emphasised the efficacy of his unorthodox yet impactful bowling style.
“I remember saying ages back that a good yorker bowled in India or South Africa or Australia remains a good yorker because you take the surface out of it, doesn’t matter where you bowled it.
“You take the pitch away and I think that’s one thing that he’s done really well.

“All round he’s a fantastic bowler. And it’s no surprise with his skiddy kind of action that he’s got that. He takes wickets on those docile pitches, so he’s fantastic,” Steyn added.
The South African speed merchant further lauded the depth of India’s fast-bowling talent, expressing confidence in the team’s ability to manage the workload of key players, including Bumrah.
“Being an Indian player, there’s going to be a lot of workload. There’s a lot of cricket that India plays, they’re one of the highly-sought after teams in the world.
“It seems like India don’t really miss him because the step-in bowlers are up to the standard, and it’s a great credit to the Indian cricket.”
Steyn also said the fundamentals of bowling, honed in Test matches and four-day cricket, form the foundation for success in T20s.
“I think good Test bowlers make good T20 bowlers. They have good skill in terms of like when to use a change of pace, when to use this slow ball, when to use their bouncer,” he said.
“I’m hoping that a lot of bowlers will get caught on to that and realise that the more red ball cricket that they play, the better shorter format bowlers they will become,” he said.
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