Church of England to discuss new commitments regarding homosexuality and same-sex couples

NEW DELHI: The governing body of the Church of England has announced that it will be discussing new commitments regarding homosexuality and same-sex couples in its upcoming meeting.
The Church, which is a prominent member of the Anglican Communion with millions of followers worldwide, currently does not allow same-sex marriage, adhering to the belief that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.
However, the institution has been grappling with ways to create a more inclusive environment for the LGBTQ community within its churches and has expressed regret for the discrimination some individuals have faced.
Last November, the Synod, comprising of bishops, clergy, and lay members, narrowly voted in favor of conducting special services to bless same-sex couples on a trial basis.
Notably, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby chose to abstain from this vote. Bishop Martyn Snow of Leicester acknowledged the existing disagreements within the Church but emphasized the need for unity and reconciliation as they move forward with the implementation of these decisions.
The Synod will also address topics such as racial justice and the Church Commissioners’ response to research on historic transatlantic slavery during the assembly.


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