TCS COO Sets Final Deadline for Employees to Return to Office |

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has reportedly extended the period by which employees should return to office by another quarter. According to a recent report in Economic Times, the company has given employees March end as the last deadline for returning to office. “Failure to resume work from office (WFO) by then will lead to consequences,” chief operating officer NG Subramaniam, told ET.
Bringing employees back to the office has increasingly become an industry-wide challenge. TCS’ peers also reported similar issues in encouraging more footfalls on campuses. Most companies have implemented a roster system requiring up to three days in the office.
Why the final deadline
TCS COO cited work culture as well as security issues for giving the strict deadline. He said working from home made employees and employers vulnerable. “We are exercising patience but have taken a principled stand that employees have to get back to offices,” he said. “We have sent employees the final communication on this and if they do not, there will be consequences to face.”
He added, “With the kind of cyberattacks in today’s context, an organisation can inadvertently get into trouble,” he said. “One cannot have the kind of controls at home and there can be security risks to businesses.
Want the original TCS culture back
“We are very clear that we have to get our original culture back,” Subramaniam said. “Around 40,000 employees joined us online and quit online without any offline interaction during the pandemic and that kind of situation cannot be helpful to an organisation.”
“Remote working cannot help an organisation build a great culture”
Talking about the importance of face to face interactions for an organisation’s growth, Subramaniam said, “Also, an organisation can only build a pool of talent when there is face-to-face interaction to make leadership calls,” he said. “We are not in a business where employees use TCS as a launch pad. Remote working cannot help an organisation build a great culture.”
TCS HR head Milind Lakkad had echoed similar views at the company’s third quarter earnings’ conference. As employees return to offices, the company expects to be back to its “normal operating mode by the end of the current fiscal year,” chief HR officer Lakkad had said.


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