China opposes US sanctions on Chinese companies for ‘supporting’ Russia | World News

NEW DELHI: China has strongly opposed the US sanctions imposed on Chinese companies for their ‘involvement’ with Russia, according to the Chinese commerce ministry.
The ministry stated on its website that China will take necessary measures to protect the rights and interests of its enterprises.
The Biden administration recently announced trade restrictions on 93 entities from various countries, including China, for their ‘support’ to Russia in the Ukraine conflict.
These restrictions essentially prohibit US shipments to the targeted entities, including eight Chinese companies. The sanctions come on the eve of the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Russia’s foreign ministry denounced the sanctions as “illegal” and said it would respond by banning some EU citizens who provided military assistance to Ukraine from entering Russia, reported news agency ANI quoting VOA.
China’s foreign ministry spokesperson, Mao Ning, said “objective and impartial position on the Ukraine crisis” and has “worked actively to promote peace talks.”
She further said that they “have not sat idly by, still less exploited the situation for selfish gains.”
Moreover, Ukrainian officials and media reports have also accused Chinese companies of supplying key electronics and dual-use technologies, including drone components, to Russia’s military since its invasion of Ukraine two years ago. However, Beijing has denied their claim, according to VOA.
However, trade between the US and China in 2023 fell for the first time since 2019 by 11 per cent to USD 664 billion, according to customs data.
According to the Commerce Department, the US imported more goods from Mexico than China for the first time in 20 years.
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