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NEW DELHI: Donald Trump has issued a warning indicating that Prince Harry would find himself without support if he were to be re-elected as president in 2024, following his critical views on what he deems to be Harry’s “unforgivable” disloyalty towards Queen Elizabeth II.
During his address at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Oxon Hill, Maryland, Trump expressed his disapproval of President Joe Biden’s administration for its “overly generous” treatment of the Sussexes since their relocation to California in 2020.
In his words, “I wouldn’t protect him. He betrayed the Queen. That’s unforgivable. He would be on his own if it was down to me,” Trump disclosed to the Express, criticizing the alleged preferential treatment extended by President Joe Biden’s administration to the royal.
Regarding Biden’s handling of the Sussexes, Trump criticized the administration, saying, “I think they have been too gracious to him after what he has done.”
Trump’s remarks follow amid controversies surrounding Prince Harry’s immigration status, which is currently entangled in a legal dispute led by the Heritage Foundation. The foundation has questioned the legality of Harry’s entry into the US, based on his self-admitted drug use detailed in his memoir.
In his book “Spare,” Harry admits to past usage of cocaine, marijuana, and psychedelic mushrooms, sharing that while cocaine had little effect on him, marijuana was beneficial.
The Heritage Foundation’s legal challenge posits that under US law, such admissions typically make one ineligible for entry into the country. However, defense lawyers from the Department of Homeland Security contended in court that claims made in a book do not equate to “sworn testimony or proof,” suggesting the possibility of exaggeration for literary sales.
Amid these legal battles, there have been whispers of Prince Harry contemplating a return to his royal duties, spurred by feelings of boredom. Furthermore, the prince has pondered over acquiring US citizenship, which could necessitate relinquishing his royal title. The specifics of his visa status in the US remain unclear, despite being married to an American citizen, which typically grants the right to a marriage green card.


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