Holi 2024: Tips to click ‘great’ shots from the iPhone camera

Holi, the vibrant festival of colours, is a celebration that begs to be captured. This year, ditch the bulky camera and unleash the potential of your iPhone with these handy tips, shared by popular photographer Gursimran Basra.

Embrace the zoom

“One can toggle between the focal lengths: 13mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 48mm, 120mm which are readily available in the camera interface,” says Basra.iPhone’s variable focal length lets you switch between wide and telephoto shots. Use the 13mm ultra-wide for capturing large groups or expansive scenes filled with revelers. Switch to the 35mm range for classic portraits or candid moments. For those colorful faces at a distance, the new 5x zoom in Portrait Mode comes in handy. Remember, a steady hand is key for sharp zoom shots.

Frame it right

iPhone has an inbuilt feature to activate the grid lines which divides the iPhone’s camera screen into 9 equal rectangles. “This will help to better frame the photographs real time in symmetry,” says Basra. One can activate this feature by going into the settings and then Camera settings. Whether it’s a playful colour throw or a joyful dance, the grid lines help you arrange the elements for a balanced and dynamic composition.

Cinematic Holi

Don’t just capture stills, capture the action, says Basra. Shoot videos in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. This high frame rate allows for smooth slow-motion edits later, perfect for showcasing the dynamic throws of colorued powder. Experiment with frame rates during editing to create a cinematic flair that reflects the energy of Holi.

Try the raw mode

For the ultimate control and detail, especially in challenging lighting conditions like harsh afternoon sun, consider shooting in ProRaw. This format captures more information from the sensor, allowing for greater flexibility during editing. You can fine-tune colours, shadows, and highlights later, ensuring your photos burst with the true vibrancy of Holi.


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