Sreejita De-Michael Blohm Pape Wedding Reception: Exclusive: Sreejita De and Michael Blohm Pape have an intimate wedding reception in Kolkata |

Sreejita De has been currently a part of Shaitani Rasmein, the actress recently took a short break from the show and went to Kolkata. A source close to the show shared that she was headed to Kolkata for her intimate wedding reception.
The source said, ‘Sreejita has taken a short break from the shoot as her family hosted an intimate wedding reception in Kolkata with her family and close pals. The actress will be back soon after her short trip to shoot.’
Sreejita De married beau Michael Blohm-Pape in July 2023 in his native Germany, and has been planning her Indian wedding. The actress married Michael at a chapel, and the couple looked stunning on their big day. Sreejita and Michael had planned to marry in Bengali in November last year. However, it has now been moved to this year.
While discussing with ETimes TV in an earlier interview, Sreejita talked up about her Indian wedding and whether she has started preparing for it. She had shared, “Honestly, we haven’t started preparations now as I’m busy with work commitments. Michael and I were discussing the same a couple of days ago. Mera bahut Shauk hai to get married in Bengali style so I would definitely do it.”
Recently on the sets of Shaitani Rasmein, the actress had fainted while shooting due to low BP. While shooting for the show, she fainted and doctors had to be called. The doctor treated her and gave her a few medicines. After resting for some time, Sreejita resumed shooting for the show.

I would love to spend quality time with Michael on a blue island, says Sreejita De

While talking about the character, Sreejita had shared, “To effectively portray a ‘dayan‘ or ‘chudail’ in a supernatural show, thorough preparation is essential to instill believability and foster audience connection. This entails immersing myself fully in the character’s persona, facilitating a seamless connection with the audience.” The actress added: “Given my appreciation for the empowering essence of supernatural roles, I was motivated to dedicate myself fully and deliver my utmost. Hence, extensive preparation was indeed integral to the process.”


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