3000 year old ancient ceremonial pyramid unveiled in Central Mexico

NEW DELHI: Recent archaeological excavations have unveiled the purpose of a series of stone pyramids built over 3,000 years ago in central Mexico Puebla state.
These pyramids, numbering over a dozen, were utilized by indigenous communities for ceremonial activities, as revealed by researchers.
Over the past decade, archaeologists have been conducting excavations on three of these pyramids, forming what is referred to as the “Great Plaza,” as said in a news release from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) on March 22.
The excavations confirm the hypothesis that the site was utilized by indigenous people from Sierra Norte for ceremonial astronomical observations. These ceremonies, believed to have occurred between 600 and 200 BC, involved observing stars to monitor the agricultural cycle.
The pyramids now suffer significant damage due to adverse weather conditions, the presence of herd animals, and the extraction of stone for constructing nearby residences.
Despite these challenges, numerous artifacts have been discovered, confirming the occurrence of ancient astronomical observations. Officials reported findings such as burned ceramics and fragments of obsidian, believed to have been offerings made by Mexico’s early inhabitants.
Moreover, it was discovered that the main pyramid was strategically positioned to observe the star Canopus, one of the brightest in the night sky, particularly during the month of February.
Previous studies have demonstrated that the ancient residents of central Mexico meticulously maintained agricultural calendars through “precise” astronomical observations.
Following the utilization of the pyramids for astronomical rituals, the indigenous people of Sierra Norte inexplicably deserted the site and relocated to Teotihuacan and other regions of Mexico.
Officials said that they later returned to the site to pay homage to their ancestors. Additional research will be carried out at the location, which will be kept closed to the public.


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