Jennifer Mistry to revisit Powai police station; demands action on criminal case against Asit Kumar Modi – Exclusive

Jennifer Mistry is set to visit the Powai police station to push for the conversion of the FIR she lodged against Asit Kumar Modi in a sexual harassment case approximately a year ago.
Expressing her determination, Jennifer stated, “The criminal case I initiated at Powai police station has seen no progress whatsoever. Tomorrow, I will be returning to the police station.Despite having visited three times in the past week alone, this time, accompanied by my lawyer, I will insist that the police file a charge sheet in my case. Regrettably, the officers handling my case have been reassigned. I refuse to remain silent; I demand action from the police in my case.”
Jennifer further revealed, “I was treated as though I were the perpetrator, subjected to five-hour waits at the police station. Leaving my 10-year-old daughter at home, I sat at the station, consulting senior officers over minor issues. I even transcribed all 100 audio recordings, submitting them to the authorities handling the case.”
Jennifer expressed surprise at the silence of several girls who have encountered sexual harassment. She pondered, “Why do you think more girls won’t speak out? It baffles me. I know many who’ve faced harassment but remain silent out of fear; it’s truly disheartening.”
Clarifying her stance, Jennifer emphasized, “I didn’t file this case for monetary compensation. Initially, I didn’t even consider my remuneration. It’s only now, upon the advice of friends, that I’ve pursued it. They asked, ‘Why let go of your hard-earned money?'”

Jennifer underscored that her pursuit wasn’t about compensation but about accountability. She asserted, “It’s not merely about money; without punishment, monetary compensation only encourages wrongdoing. Rs 5 lakh isn’t a significant sum. Hence, I intend to escalate the matter to the High Court. I’m prepared for the possibility of

Asit Modi appealing against the verdict.”
Reflecting on encounters with Asit Modi, Jennifer recounted, “I met Asit Modi twice during the Posh hearings. Initially, he ignored me, preoccupied with impressing committee members, boasting about the Taarak Mehta unit being his family and claiming to ‘care about Jennifer.’

However, during the second hearing, he stated he wouldn’t compensate me, citing financial losses. He even questioned if I was being influenced by Shailesh Lodha and Malav Rajda, accusing them of incitement. He went on to name others, but upon suspecting I might be recording our conversation, he demanded my phone be checked, to which my husband rightfully responded, ‘That’s none of your business.”’


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