Israeli soldiers play with Gaza women’s underwear in online posts

NEW DELHI: Israeli soldiers have sparked outrage by sharing photos and videos of themselves handling lingerie found in Palestinian homes, further intensifying scrutiny of Israel’s offensive in Gaza amid a looming famine crisis, as reported by Reuters.
In one video, an Israeli soldier is seen sitting in a room in Gaza, holding lingerie and grinning while dangling it over the open mouth of a comrade lying on a sofa, who holds a gun in hand.
In another instance, a soldier is depicted sitting on top of a tank, holding a female mannequin wearing a black bra and helmet, jokingly referring to it as a “beautiful wife” found in Gaza.
These posts, shared by Israeli soldiers, depict them toying with lingerie and mannequins in Palestinian homes. The images have garnered widespread attention, with some being reposted by Palestinian reporter Younis Tirawi to his more than 100,000 followers on X.
Meanwhile, the IDF said that it investigates incidents deviating from expected soldier behavior and values, and opens investigations into criminal offenses as necessary.
While some cases were found to involve inappropriate behavior, the IDF did not specify whether any of the highlighted posts were included.
These posts come amid accusations of war crimes against both Hamas and Israel. While Hamas is accused of sexual violence during the October 7 attack on Israel, Israel is accused of similar offenses against Palestinians in Gaza.


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