Shocking confessions of sexual violence against Israeli woman by Palestinian militant

NEW DELHI: An individual affiliated with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad detailed his assault on an Israeli woman on October 7, explaining that he was overcome by malevolent forces. The assailant, 28-year-old Manar Mahmoud Muhammad Qasem, recounted breaking into a residence within an unspecified kibbutz in Israel and encountering a woman who was alone and frightened, as per a video disclosed to Daily MailOnline.
Qasem narrated that upon entering the home, he discovered the woman in a state of fear.He admitted to forcibly taking her to a sofa and proceeding with his assault. He chillingly confessed to undressing and assaulting the woman, claiming he was under the influence of evil.
During questioning by Unit 504 of the Israeli Defense Forces’ intelligence division, Qasem attempted to downplay the incident by stating he “slept with her,” which the interrogator corrected to the actual act of rape. Qasem attempted to minimize the duration of the attack, suggesting it was brief due to interruptions from outside.
He also shared that two men, identified as members of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, Hamas’s military wing, entered during the incident, leading to a further distressing situation involving the victim’s mother. Following the assault, Qasem admitted to committing additional acts of violence within the kibbutz, the Daily Mail report said.
This account emerges amidst other reports of sexual violence during captivity by Hamas, including a harrowing story from Amit Soussana, who detailed her own experience of assault while held in Gaza for 55 days. Soussana’s narrative includes being subjected to sexual, physical, and psychological abuse, culminating in a coerced sexual act by a guard identified as Muhammad.
The United Nations has released a report indicating substantial evidence of sexual violence against hostages during the October 7 incident and while in captivity in Gaza, contradicting Hamas’s denials of such abuses. These revelations add to the growing discourse on the treatment of hostages and civilians in conflict zones, highlighting severe human rights violations.


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