US President Biden acknowledges ‘pain’ of Arab Americans over war in Gaza

NEW DELHI: US President Joe Biden has acknowledged the distress felt by many Arab Americans regarding the conflict in Gaza and US support for Israel‘s military actions, which have left Arabs, Muslims, and anti-war activists disillusioned. Calls have been made by Muslims and Arabs in the US for a permanent ceasefire, halting weapon sales to Israel, and stronger efforts to protect civilian lives during the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
In a statement for Arab American Heritage Month, President Biden expressed empathy for the Arab American community’s anguish over the situation in Gaza, stating he was “devastated” by the suffering. However, reports emerged shortly after his statement that the US government had approved additional weapon sales to Israel worth billions of dollars.
Despite the outcry for a ceasefire, the US has vetoed several United Nations resolutions calling for a halt to the Gaza assault, raising concerns about the Biden administration’s stance on the conflict. Protests demanding peace in Gaza have erupted across various US cities, with demonstrators urging President Biden to address their concerns or risk losing their support in the upcoming election.
President Biden has pledged to increase humanitarian aid to Gaza, work towards freeing hostages held by Hamas, and push for an immediate ceasefire lasting at least six weeks. He also highlighted the targeting of Arab Americans in hate crimes, citing specific incidents of violence against individuals of Palestinian descent in the US
The conflict in Gaza began when Palestinian Islamist group Hamas launched an attack on Israel, resulting in casualties on both sides. The subsequent military response by Israel has caused significant loss of life and displacement in Gaza, leading to accusations of genocide that Israel denies.
As tensions continue to escalate, President Biden’s handling of the conflict and his support for Israel’s military actions have drawn criticism and raised questions about the administration’s approach to the crisis. Arab and Muslim Americans, who largely supported Biden in the previous election, now demand concrete actions to address the ongoing violence and humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
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