British beautician dies after botched breast enhancement surgery in Spain

NEW DELHI: British beautician lost her life following a breast enhancement procedure in Spain, according to report.
Donna Butterfield, aged 30, hailing from Wrexham in north Wales, initially underwent a breast enlargement surgery a few years back. However, she returned to rectify an imbalance, with the corrective procedure costing $11,650, as per her family members.In September last year, she traveled back to Majorca, located in Spain’s Balearic Islands.
It is believed that Butterfield, who had a pre-existing heart condition, suffered a fatal reaction to the anesthesia, leading to a heart attack. After spending almost two weeks in intensive care, she passed away on September 13. Her family disclosed that all prior consultations were conducted via email, alleging minimal precautions taken by the clinic beforehand. Upon their arrival at the clinic, they were met with a vague explanation by the surgeon, leaving them puzzled.
Friends of Butterfield mentioned that the surgeon appeared anxious and indecisive, failing to provide a clear account of the situation. An anesthetist, currently serving a prison sentence for another patient’s manslaughter, was arrested in connection with Butterfield’s death. Authorities confirmed that despite a medical prohibition, he continued to practice, participating in the operation before his incarceration.
Emergency responders who attended to the distress call were reportedly shocked by Butterfield’s critical condition, noting lapses in administering CPR, according to a police report. The young British woman suffered severe brain damage during cardiac arrest, rendering her unable to recover.
Butterfield’s brother initiated a GoFundMe campaign to bring her back home, citing a reaction to the anesthesia resulting in cardiac arrest and subsequent coma, leading to severe brain damage as per the CAT scan results. “Her family are now over there by her side, as close friends to Donna we want to do everything we can to help her and her family in any way possible in these extremely difficult times,” the GoFundMe stated.
Despite the efforts, Butterfield passed away less than two weeks later. This was revealed after the director of the clinic was arrested by Spanish National Police in Majorca.
The police spokesperson announced the arrest of a 69-year-old individual, responsible for managing the clinic and also serving as a practitioner, on charges of gross negligence manslaughter and violating a medical restriction following the patient’s death. Investigations revealed irregularities in the procedure, including an undisclosed second cosmetic operation and inadequate patient risk communication.
According to the police statement, “National Police officers have arrested a 69-year-old man responsible for managing a clinic in Palma where he also worked as a practitioner, for crimes of gross negligence manslaughter and breaching a medical ban following the death of a patient.
“Our homicide unit began an investigation and after gathering together all the documentation related to the medical intervention and taking statements from health professionals, arrested the director of the clinic who was also a medical practitioner.
“Investigators have accused one of the other two health professionals who participated in the surgery of the same type of manslaughter crime as the clinic director.
“The other man cannot be accused of any crime due to his sudden death two months after the surgery.”
Furthermore, the consent forms were reportedly in Spanish, a language unfamiliar to the British patient. The arrested practitioner was already in prison for professional misconduct, disregarding the ban on practicing medicine and holding health center roles.
“The practitioner who was arrested was in prison for another issue related to the exercising of his profession. Officers had to ask for his release from prison so he could be informed of this new charge before he was returned to jail afterwards. He had been disqualified from practising medicine and holding positions of responsibility in health centres and despite that ignored the ban to take part in the surgery the dead woman underwent,” a police spokesperson said.


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