‘Take a lot of inspiration from…’: Latest pace sensation Mayank Yadav calls this bowler his role model | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Mayank Yadav, the 21-year-old pacer, unleashed his fiery pace and ignited the tournament with a match-winning spell of 3/27 in a blazing debut for Lucknow Super Giants against Punjab Kings in the Indian Premier League.
His scintillating performance not only earned acclaim from cricketing legends but also resonated with a sense of determination and passion that defined his journey to IPL stardom.

“Pace is a natural thing for me,” Mayank shared, reflecting on his innate ability to bowl fast. “I never put stress on bowling fast, but rather on staying consistent and helping my team.”

His words reflect a mindset honed through dedication and hard work, traits instilled in him since childhood.
Mayank’s cricketing journey was shaped by his admiration for pace greats like Brett Lee and Dale Steyn, whose electrifying performances captivated his imagination from a young age.
“My father liked fast bowlers,” he reminisced. “When I was a kid, he used to show me videos of Mitchell Johnson, Dale Steyn, and Morne Morkel.”

These glimpses of bowling brilliance ignited Mayank’s passion for fast bowling and laid the foundation for his aspirations in the sport.
“Since childhood, I have watched these people on TV,” Mayank shared, reflecting on the impact of his cricketing idols. “To get appreciated by them is a big deal for me.”
Indeed, accolades from cricketing legends like Brett Lee and Dale Steyn validate Mayank’s talent and mark his arrival on the IPL stage with distinction.
“When I entered the ground, I felt that I belonged to this stage,” Mayank revealed, exuding confidence and composure beyond his years. His seamless transition to the IPL arena, coupled with a fearless mindset, underscores his readiness to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Just like many modern-day pacers, Mayank draws inspiration from Indian superstar Jasprit Bumrah, citing him as his role model.
“I take a lot of inspiration from Jasprit Bumrah. He is one of the best in India and the world, would try to learn as much as possible from him,” Mayank acknowledged, highlighting his admiration for the renowned bowler’s skill and success.
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