Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina slams opposition’s ‘Boycott India’ call, questions sincerity amid allegations of interference

NEW DELHI: Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina has come down heavily against the opposition for running a ‘Boycott India‘ campaign and questioned their ‘sincerity’ towards the decision. The boycott call comes amid allegations by the opposition that India has been interfering in the internal politics of Bangladesh.
In a speech, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh said that if the opposition BNP leaders really boycotted Indian products, they would burn the Indian sarees of their wives.
“BNP leaders are advocating boycott of Indian products. My question is – how many Indian sarees do the wives of the boycott campaigners have? Why don’t they take sarees from their wives and burn them?,” she said.
They must answer if they cannot eat without Indian spices, she said.
Bangladesh has enjoyed a good relationship with India under PM Sheikh Hasina.
At the start of this year, PM Sheikh Hasina was reelected for a record fifth term, making her the longest serving woman leader of the government.
Awami League, Sheikh Hasina’s ruling party secured a landslide victory in the Bangladesh general election amid calls for boycott on election day . However, Awami League emerged victorious with 216 seats out of the 299 seats .
According to several reports, the opposition party’s #BoycottIndia trend started as a response to alleged Indian interfernce in Bangladesh’s internal politics.
Few tweets launched for the campaign alleged that India has interfered and meddled in Bangladesh’s electoral affairs over a long course of period.
The campaign took off after influential leaders linked to the BNP increasingly posted about the campaign, according to several analysis.
Few videos launched by the campaign also accused India of not helping Sri Lanka during the island nation’s period of economic despair, a claim which may not stand the test of accuracy.
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