Nato marks 75 years in face of Ukraine war

NEW DELHI: Nato on Thursday marked its 75th anniversary amidst the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, with the alliance facing escalating pressure to assist in the conflict. Foreign ministers from Nato’s 30 countries will gather in Brussels to mark the occasion, highlighting the organization’s status as the “most powerful and successful alliance in history.” Despite the celebratory atmosphere, Nato is grappling with one of its most significant challenges since its establishment post-World War II to counter the Soviet Union.
Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg emphasized the need to not dwell solely on past achievements but to address the current conflict in Europe.The alliance has witnessed a surge in activity following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, welcoming Finland and Sweden into its fold and bolstering its presence in Eastern Europe. However, the delivery of weapons to Ukraine, a key focus area for Nato, has faced obstacles with reduced support from the United States due to political complications.
Ukraine, facing relentless attacks from Russian forces, has called for additional Patriot defense systems from its Western allies. Stoltenberg has proposed a substantial five-year fund of 100 billion euros to provide long-term support to Ukraine and advocated for Nato’s more direct involvement in coordinating aid deliveries, despite concerns of escalating tensions with Russia.
The urgency to fortify support for Ukraine stems partly from concerns over the potential return of former U.S. President Donald Trump, who has raised doubts about backing Kyiv and made controversial statements regarding Nato allies’ defense spending. Trump’s remarks have prompted Nato to showcase increased defense expenditures by European members, with 20 countries expected to meet the two percent GDP spending target this year, compared to only three nations in 2014.
British foreign secretary David Cameron stressed the importance of meeting defense spending targets to strengthen the alliance, irrespective of the outcome of the upcoming US elections. Nato’s commitment to collective defense, a cornerstone of European security for over seven decades, faces challenges from political uncertainties and diverging priorities among member nations.
As Nato commemorates its 75 years of existence, the organization finds itself at a critical juncture, navigating complex geopolitical dynamics while striving to uphold its core principles of unity and security in the face of evolving threats and uncertainties.


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