Anti-ageing activist sparks controversy with picture of his face

NEW DELHI: Bryan Johnson, a prominent anti-aging activist, has recently stirred up controversy with a social media post that showcased a series of his photographs over the years. Johnson, known for his extensive efforts and substantial financial investment in anti-aging technologies, joked about his changing appearance, remarking that even his iPhone was confused about his identity.
According to a report in the Independent, Johnson’s post, intended to highlight his transformation, instead triggered a flurry of critical comments.Many responders felt that Johnson, who is 45 years old, now appears older than his actual age, particularly when compared to his earlier photos from 2018. One commenter noted, “Tries to stop aging… Proceeds to age quicker,” capturing a common sentiment among the responses.
Johnson, who has become a notable figure in Silicon Valley’s quest to combat aging and death, reportedly spends around $2 million annually on various health regimes, including physical activities and specialized nutrition, managed by a team of experts and advanced software, the Independent report said.

Despite the backlash and ongoing debates on social media platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter), Johnson remains undeterred by the criticism. He has previously expressed to The Guardian that the negative comments no longer affect him, stating, “The troll inside my head is much more vicious than the trolls I get online. When I was depressed and my brain would constantly say to me, ‘Life is hopeless,’ I had to basically say, ‘I don’t care what you’re going to say.’ And ultimately, it lost its power. And I’ve seen that happen as people troll me and I play with them. Like, it’s honestly not even interesting anymore.”
As Johnson continues his controversial journey towards eternal youth, the public and scientific community remain divided on the effectiveness and ethical implications of such anti-aging endeavors.


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