WATCH: Rohit Sharma picks ‘Bad Habits’ song for daughter Samaira; Ed Sheeran sings | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Renowned singer Ed Sheeran on Friday sang a song for India cricket team captain Rohit Sharma‘s daughter Samaira. Rohit recently made an appearance on the popular Indian show ‘Breakfast with Champions’ alongside Ed Sheeran and host Gaurav Kapoor.
From cricket banter to insights into the music industry, the trio engaged in a lively conversation. Rohit’s wife Ritika and their daughter Samaira also joined in on the episode.
A standout moment occurred when Sheeran sang one of his hit songs ‘Bad Habits’ for Rohit and Ritika’s little one.
Rohit couldn’t contain his smile, applauding happily after the performance.

Turning to Samaira, Sheeran inquired if she enjoyed the song, to which she bashfully responded.
In addition to the musical interlude, Sheeran also broached the topic of Rohit’s future plans, inquiring about retirement and the possibility of owning a team to foster talent.

Rohit admitted he hadn’t dwelled much on retirement but shared insights into his timeline for continuing his cricket career competitively.
“I am still playing well at this point in time, so I am thinking I am going to continue for a few more years. And then, I don’t know,” Rohit said.


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