Families of victims to be paid from OJ Simpson’s estate, executor of will suggests | US News

The families of OJ Simpson’s murdered ex-wife and her friend will be paid from his estate, the executor of his will has suggested.

The former NFL star and Hollywood actor died aged 76 of cancer on 10 April. He was cleared of murdering his ex-wife and her friend in what was dubbed “trial of the century” in 1995.

However, Simpson was found liable for the deaths of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman in a civil lawsuit in 1997. He was ordered to pay $33.5m in damages, but he declared bankruptcy shortly after.

The executor of Simpson’s will has suggested that Ms Brown and Mr Goldman’s families will be paid from his estate.

“If there’s anything left over after claimants and creditors are paid, that is to be divided among OJ’s remaining, or his surviving, four children in equal shares,” Malcolm LaVergne said.

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OJ’s will revealed by attorney

Simpson to be cremated

The executor added that what’s in Simpson’s will is “not going to be surprising,” adding: “It’s just basically everything that Simpson owns… that is to be inventoried”.

Mr LaVergne also said Simpson will be cremated as per his wishes, and that the family has not planned any public memorial.

He added that “OJ made a decision after 1994” that “when you’re involved in something so bad and so controversial, the trial of the century, and he beats this case, goes on, lives his life”.

“[Simpson] said, ‘I’m just going to go live my life. There’s nothing else to do here. Just go live my life.’ And that’s OJ.

“So he just went on to live his life, and he actually had a very, very comfortable, a very blessed last seven years here in Vegas.”

Ronald Goldman
The Goldman family’s lawyer David Cook told Sky News Simpson still owed $114m. Pic: Reuters

David Cook, a lawyer for Mr Goldman’s family, previously said that Simpson still owed $114m (£91m) to his surviving relatives.

Speaking to Sky News the day Simpson died, Mr Cook said the Goldman family are considering how to claim the money owed and added: “I review and consider Simpson as what he was: that he was a bad person; he was a murderer; he got out of the acquittal here.”

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Mr Cook added: “He remains now and in his death as the day that he committed the crime in whatever the amount of years ago.

“He’s still the same person. And the fact that he died doesn’t change it.”


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