Struggling RCB go past Middlesex for this unwanted record in T20 cricket history |

NEW DELHI: Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) found themselves on the wrong side of history as they registered an unwanted record in men’s T20 cricket. During an Indian Premier League (IPL) match against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), RCB conceded a staggering 222 runs.
Conceding 200 runs or more in a T20 innings is a rare and remarkable feat, albeit one that teams strive to avoid.But on Sunday, RCB again ended up on the wrong side in Kolkata, and this was not the first time it’s happened, as the IPL franchise has created an unwanted record of doing it 29 times, surpassing English County side Middlesex, who had done it 28 times, followed by Punjab Kings (27), Kent (26) and Somerset (24).
RCB also registered another unfortunate record of conceding 70-plus runs on most occasions during a single IPL edition. In the first six overs of the powerplay, RCB conceded 75 runs. This was the fourth time this season that they conceded 70 runs or more in the powerplay, the most by a team in a single IPL edition.
These milestones, while unwelcome, underscore the challenges faced by bowlers in the fast-paced and high-scoring format of T20 cricket.
For a team renowned for its star-studded lineup and explosive batting prowess, RCB’s struggle to contain the opposition’s onslaught reflects the demanding nature of T20 cricket.
RCB, known for its passionate fanbase and high expectations, will undoubtedly analyse this performance meticulously, seeking areas for improvement and striving to bounce back stronger in future matches.
While conceding such a high number of runs is undoubtedly disappointing, it serves as a reminder of the unforgiving nature of T20 cricket, where fortunes can change swiftly and unpredictably.


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