Germany suspects AfD staffer in EU parliament of spying for China

BERLIN: An aide to a member of the European parliament for the far-right Alternative for Germany has been arrested in Germany on suspicion of “especially severe” espionage for China, the latest in a spate of such arrests across Europe.
Prosecutors named him as Jian G in a statement on Tuesday and accused him of passing information about discussions in the EU legislature to Chinese intelligence.The website of Maximilian Krah, the AfD’s top candidate in June’s election to the assembly, lists Jian Guo as one of his assistants. Krah said he had learned of Guo’s arrest from the media and would stop working with him if the charges were proven.
Anxiety about alleged Chinese spying has mounted across western Europe in recent months. Three German nationals were arrested on Monday on suspicion of handing over technology with military applications. The same day, two men were charged in Britain with spying for China. And on March 25, the US and Britain accused Beijing of cyberespionage against millions including lawmakers, academics and journalists, as well as companies including defence contractors.
China foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin told a briefing that reports of Chinese espionage in Europe were “hype” and “intended to discredit and suppress China”.
The aide also spied on Chinese opposition figures in Germany, prosecutors said. He was arrested in Dresden.


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