Virat Kohli: ‘Virat shouldn’t have said it’: Wasim Akram on Virat Kohli-Sunil Gavaskar spat in IPL | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Former Pakistan cricket captain, Wasim Akram, has weighed in on the recent verbal altercation between Indian cricketers Virat Kohli and Sunil Gavaskar during IPL 2024, highlighting the importance of mutual respect despite differences in opinion.
Akram, renowned for his insightful analysis, emphasized the stature of both Kohli and Gavaskar in the cricketing world, describing them as “greats” and “proud Indians” with immense contributions to the sport.
“Both are greats. Sunny bhai, as a cricketer, as a human being, I know him off the field. As a commentator, he has been doing it for God knows how many years. And coming to the great man, Virat Kohli, he is a top player, a modern great. In fact, he is an all-time great in history, given the kind of performances he has had. But I think Virat shouldn’t have said it,” Akram told SportsKeeda, reflecting on the contentious exchange.The former Pakistan captain’s comments shed light on the delicate balance between player critique and respect for commentators’ roles in shaping public discourse around the game. Akram underscored that commentators, like Gavaskar, are integral to the cricketing ecosystem, offering valuable insights and analysis derived from years of experience in the sport.

“It is the commentators’ job. If he got slow in a couple of matches and he [Gavaskar] said something, forget about it. Virat is not that kind of a person. Both are proud Indians; both are greats. It’s OK; they both will move on pretty quickly. Don’t think either will take it personally. They will be fine, I know. I am telling you now. I know them both very well,” Akram reassured, emphasizing his confidence in the resilience and maturity of both individuals to overcome this disagreement.


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