Kim Jong Un reportedly tears down multiple buildings including his own winter palace complex

NEW DELHI: Recent satellite images have revealed the demolition of several structures at North Korean leader Kim Jong Un‘s luxurious residence, Ryokpo Palace, situated in a remote area on the outskirts of Pyongyang which serves as Kim’s winter palace complex, the Newsweek reported.
The aerial photos of the Palace reveals that a mansion with a blue roof has been demolished, leaving behind a vacant dirt lot.The demolition was initially brought to attention by an anonymous North Korean analyst, known as “Nobody German” on the social media platform X.

In a post on X, Nobody German wrote, “The latest satellite images show that Kim Jong Un’s Ryokpo Palace residence is being removed or remodeled.”
Ryokpo Palace highlights the stark contrast between the supreme leader’s opulent lifestyle and the poverty experienced by most North Koreans. The recent demolitions suggest possible changes, including the potential transfer of the property to military use, indicating strategic shifts in the regime’s priorities.
Citing a North Korea-focused analyst group, NK Pro report, the Newsweek reported, the complex’s “main residential buildings and auxiliary structures” were likely demolished between April 21 and 25. The experts in the report suggest that the move could be related to Kim’s plans to expand the military’s role in national development or to consolidate military facilities. These actions are consistent with the Kim regime’s recent efforts to modernize its armed forces and its constitutional amendments designating South Korea as the “principal enemy.”
The campaign to erase references to reunification has also resulted in the demolition of a 100-foot monument erected by Kim’s father, Kim Jong Il, as well as commemorative stamps.
Despite United Nations Security Council resolutions, Pyongyang has persisted in steadily developing increasingly sophisticated ballistic missiles and continues to advance its nuclear weapons program.
In an effort to restrict the flow of smuggled oil that fuels Pyongyang’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs, Washington and Seoul recently launched a task force and the UN Security Council has limited refined petroleum exports to North Korea to 500,000 barrels per year.


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