Outrage over order: Houston attorney fatally shot during fight with McDonald’s customer

NEW DELHI: A tragic incident unfolded at a McDonald’s in Houston where a lawyer, Jeffrey Limmer, lost his life when attempting to defuse a confrontation with an irate customer over an order discrepancy.
According to authorities, the 46-year-old attorney stepped in to mediate after the customer demanded a refund from an employee at the McDonald’s located on West Interstate Highway 10 service road around 6pm on Saturday.
Refusing to de-escalate, the gunman redirected his aggression towards Limmer, sparking a heated argument between the two. The confrontation escalated when they moved to the parking lot, where Limmer reportedly pushed the man to the ground, according to police accounts.
After the altercation in the parking lot, the customer retrieved a gun from his vehicle and fatally shot Limmer before fleeing the scene in a blue Ford pickup truck.
Limmer was declared dead at the scene, and police have not made any arrests yet.
Limmer’s sister, Jennifer Thomas, told ABC 13 that her brother was known for his ability to calm down tense situations, always advocating for fairness and standing up for what’s right.
Limmer, who resided near the McDonald’s, was a frequent customer of the restaurant, according to his sister.
He was a graduate of the University of Texas and obtained his law degree from South Texas College of Law. Limmer worked as an associate at the Lewis Brisbois law firm in Houston.
Thomas said that it was nature of her brother to attempt to calm the man who ultimately took his life, given Limmer’s lifelong dedication to helping others.
While the family awaits justice for his death, they take pride in his courage to stand up for what he believed in. Thomas emphasised Limmer’s role as a good Samaritan who intervened to protect the McDonald’s employees from distress.


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