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NEW DELHI: Mumbai Indians batsman Suryakumar Yadav revealed the range of batting shots he has honed over his career after his impressive unbeaten knock of 102 runs off just 51 balls. His brilliant innings helped Mumbai Indians clinch a crucial seven-wicket victory over Sunrisers Hyderabad at the Wankhede Stadium.
During the match against SRH, the 33-year-old batsman Suryakumar showcased his diverse shot-making skills, including his iconic ‘offside scoop’ and the popular ‘Supla’ shot.Yadav revealed the origins of these shots, explaining that he developed the ‘Supla’ shot while playing tennis ball cricket in Mumbai. This unique shot has now become a trademark feature of his batting style, evident in every innings he plays.
“I suppose the name of the shot comes from the local tennis ball cricket that is played in Mumbai. And from there, when I started playing that shot because people have played a lot of it in tennis ball cricket, they started connecting with this shot and gave it a name. When the shot is played and is referred to as a ‘Supla’ shot, it feels good to hear,” Suryakumar Yadav said To JioCinema.
Yadav delved into the specifics of how he mastered the ‘Supla’ shot while playing rubber ball cricket with his school friends. He demonstrated the execution of the shot, explaining the technique he developed during those formative games.
“The story behind the shot is beautiful. I used to play cricket on hard cement tracks with my school friends and there was a 20-metre boundary on the offside while the right side was about 90-100 metres. We used to play with rubber balls in the rainy season and make the ball wet before bowling it hard. They used to bowl from my knee to my head, so if you want to score runs while not getting hit by the ball, that’s where the shot comes from. Whenever people ask me if I have practiced this or not, I have used this shot so many times in rubber ball cricket that it’s now in my muscle memory.”
Hitting the ‘Supla’ shot is tricky, but Yadav has figured out when and how to use the shot when the situation demands it.
“I actually try to take the ball on the body when I play the ‘Supla’ shot. Whenever I stand and hit, I try to be in the line of the ball. If you miss the line of the ball, it’s very difficult to play that shot… I try to take the ball in line with the body and time it… There’s no premeditation in this… Even if it’s the first ball, if I want to use it, I’ll do it because I go with the intent to bat, enjoy, and entertain as much as I can, as much as I have practiced. Even if it’s the first ball, if it’s in the arc, it will go. So, the fielder at the back is actually irrelevant for me. I don’t see if he is there or not. If I want to play a shot, I have to play it.”
Not every batting inning is flawless, but Suryakumar Yadav knows how to create magical moments, regardless. That is precisely what he did in 2020 while facing Jofra Archer, executing an incredible ‘offside scoop’ shot after taking a knock to the head.
“On the previous delivery, it hit me on my head and my head was spinning! After that, I thought I had to hit a different shot. I haven’t used this shot again since.”
Yadav also broke down other unique shots we have seen him use over the course of his IPL career, including the ‘uppercut shot’ and the ‘jump shot’. Suryakumar Yadav has scored 334 runs with a strike rate of 176.71 through nine appearances in the IPL 2024 with his season-high of 102* runs in his last game against the Sunrisers Hyderabad.
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