What deal did Rahul Gandhi crack with Ambani, Adani that he stopped abusing them overnight: PM Modi at Telangana rally | India News

NEW DELHI: Opening a new front to attack the Congress and Rahul Gandhi, Prime Minister Modi on Wednesday accused the grand old party of hoarding black money from the Adanis and the Ambanis to stop all attacks against the top industrialists of India.
Prime Minster Modi, who is on a whirlwind tour of Telangana and AP said, “You must have seen the Shehzaada of Congress of has been chanting the name of Ambani and Adani for 5 years.Suddenly, after the announcement of the elections, he stopped abusing Ambani and Adani. The Shehzaada must declare how much money he got from Ambani and Adani for the elections. How many bags of black money did he get from them? What deal did you crack with Ambani and Adani that you stopped abusing them overnight after attacking them for over 5 years? This means you have got trucks full of chori ka maal.”
Prime Minister Modi in an effort to turn the tables invoked Ambani and Ambani for the first time to attack the Congress after senior leaders from the Congress have been attacking the PM and the BJP for favoring the industrialists, accusing it of waiving their loans worth crores but burdening farmers for small loans.
‘By the family, for the family, of the family’
Doubling down on his rhetoric against the opposition’s “dynasty” politics, Prime Minister Modi said that the Congress & BRS functioned with the mantra of “family first, ” while the BJP on “nation first,” he said.
“Their political parties are like ‘by the family, for the family, of the family’. Congress and BRS are no different and what connects them? Corruption, appeasement politics and the model of zero governance connect these two parties,” he said.
Reiterating his accustion, The PM said that the Congress party wants to grab the reservation rights meant for SCs, STs and Dalits and give the same to the Muslim community.
“Ensuring welfare is neither their vision nor agenda. All what Congress wants to secure is its vote bank. This corrupt party is fully immersed in appeasement policy,” he added.
Corruption serves as a unifying element between the Congress and BRS, despite their mutual accusations of corruption, both parties are implicated in the same corrupt practices, Modi said.
PM Modi also alleged that Congress governments focused solely on dismantling every capability of the country for all these years.
“Whether it is India or Telangana, there was no dearth of capabilities in our country. However, for all these years, Congress governments did only one work – to destroy each and every capability of the country. You tell me the Congress destroyed the country’s economy or not? Agriculture and textile sectors were India’s strength since ages, but Congress destroyed them too. Congress is the mother of all problems in the country,” he said.
Modi pointed out that while BRS members frequently accused the Congress of engaging in cash-for-votes schemes, they failed to initiate any investigations when they were in power.
“From Telangana to Delhi, there is a lot of discussion about the ‘double R’ (RR) tax. A film named ‘RRR’ was released a few days back in the Telugu language, someone told me that ‘RR’ has left behind ‘RRR’ in the collection. It is reported that ‘RRR’ has a lifetime collection of over Rs 1000 crore, but this much money is just a few days collection of ‘RR’ tax,” said PM Modi.
‘Congress aur INDIA alliance ka teesra fuse udd gaya hai’
A day after the third phase of polling, Prime Minister Modi also took a dig at the Congress saying that ‘the third fuse of the Congress and INDIA alliance was off’
“Yesterday, the third phase of voting (for Lok Sabhal elections) took place in the country. In the third phase, the third fuse of Congress and INDI alliance has blown up. Four phases of voting are still left, people’s blessing is pushing the victory chariot of the BJP and NDA with great pace,” said PM Modi.
‘BJP-NDA govt respected PV Narasimha Rao by awarding Bharat Ratna’
Modi also accused the Congress of disrespecting Narasimha Rao even after his death and asserted that the BJP has given the the former PM the due respect he deserved.
“Due to this policy of ‘family first’, Congress has disrespected PV Narasimha Rao, even after his death, they denied the entry of his dead body in the Congress’ office. BJP-NDA govt respected PV Narasimha Rao by awarding Bharat Ratna to him,” the PM said in Telangana.
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