‘Congress party has also made mistakes’: Rahul Gandhi in Lucknow | India News

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi acknowledged that his party has committed errors in the past and must adapt its political approach in the future, in a recent event held in Lucknow.
“The Congress party will also have to change its politics in the coming times. This will have to be done. I also want to say that the Congress party has also made mistakes and I am saying this while being from the Congress party,” he said at the rally.
He also criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi, labeling him as a ‘monarch’ who serves the interests of a few financiers rather than acting as a true prime minister.Gandhi expressed his willingness to engage in a debate with PM Modi, although he doubted the prime minister would agree to such an encounter.
During his speech at the “Samvidhan Sammelan,” organized by the Samruddha Bharat Foundation, Gandhi asserted that the BJP would be limited to fewer than 180 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He confidently said, “I can give you in writing, if you want, that Narendra Modi is not going to be the PM again.” Gandhi emphasized that while some politicians solely focus on attaining power, he views it as a means to serve the public, having been born into a political family.
Gandhi highlighted the issue of unequal representation, pointing out that 90 percent of the Indian population, comprising SC/ST, OBC, Dalits, tribals, minorities, and the poor from the general community, lacks adequate participation in various sectors. He reiterated his demand for a caste-based census to address this disparity. Gandhi accused Modi of undermining the Constitution, referring to him as a “king of the 21st century” who serves the interests of a few financiers rather than adhering to the principles of the Cabinet, Parliament, or the Constitution.
“The Constitution has given equal opportunities and rights to the Dalits, backward classes, tribals and poor people of the country. We will always protect those rights. No power in the world can erase the Constitution,” he said at the rally.
In response to questions from the audience, the Congress leader expressed his readiness to debate with anyone, including the prime minister, although he doubted PM Modi’s willingness to participate.
When asked about the Old Pension Scheme’s exclusion from the party manifesto, Gandhi stated that the matter is open for consideration. Regarding the potential renationalization of institutions privatized by the Modi government, he acknowledged the difficulty but pledged to oppose blatant privatization of major institutions.
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