Russian President Putin vows to prevent global conflict

During his speech at the Victory Day military parade in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized Russia’s commitment to preventing a global conflict while also ensuring the country’s sovereignty is protected. The parade marked the 79th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany.
“Russia will do everything to prevent a global conflict, but at the same time we will not allow anyone to threaten us,” Putin declared, signaling a dual approach of defense readiness and diplomatic caution.
Putin highlighted the perpetual readiness of the Russian military, saying that they are “always on alert” to defend the nation’s sovereignty. This stance underscores the ongoing tension between Russia and perceived threats from the West.
The president expressed concern over the West’s diminishing remembrance of World War II lessons, contrasting this with Russia’s deep historical memory of the battles that shaped humanity’s fate. He specifically cited the significant battles near Moscow and Leningrad among others.
Putin also spoke on the unique conditions of the current “special military operation,” praising the valor and sacrifices of those involved as the nation’s heroes. He held a moment of silence to honor both the victims of World War II and those recently lost in the Ukraine conflict.
Highlighting the emotional significance of May 9, Putin noted that Victory Day serves to unite all generations of Russians. He voiced confidence in moving forward based on Russia’s rich traditions and the collective effort to ensure a secure future for the country.
Victory Day celebrations included military parades across over 300 cities in Russia. However, the Immortal Regiment march, a significant civilian component of the celebration, was canceled this year due to security concerns.


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