Congress tried to frighten our own people citing Pakistan N-bombs: PM Modi | India News

BHUBANESWAR: PM Narendra Modi claimed on Saturday that Congress was trying to instil fear among Indians by emphasising Pakistan possesses nuclear weapons but now “the situation in Pakistan is such that it’s not even in a position to handle the bombs they have”, reports Ashok.Pradhan.
“They are out to sell the bombs. They are looking for buyers. They are unable to sell,” Modi said, adding, “Because of Congress’s weak approach, people in Kashmir suffered from terrorism for 60 years.”
Later, speaking in Jharkhand and attacking Congress MP Rahul Gandhi in particular, Modi said the number of seats Congress would win would not even equal Gandhi’s age.
In Odisha, recalling that India conducted nuclear tests (Pokhran 2) on this date (May 11, 1998), when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was PM, Modi claimed that it was for the first time after Independence that people across the globe looked at an Indian leader with the utmost respect. India’s first nuclear test was conducted by Indira Gandhi’s govt in 1974.
Speaking at an election rally at Phulbani, under Kandhamal Lok Sabha seat, Modi said: “This was the day when India demonstrated its strength to the world.” He added, “On the other side, there is the thought of Congress party. Time and again, Congress tried to frighten our own country. They say be cautious. Pakistan has atom bombs. These dead people also kill the heart of the country. Congress has always adopted such an attitude.”
“Instead of giving them a befitting reply, Congress used to hold meetings with terror outfits. Congress feared annoying vote banks,” he alleged.
Later, speaking at Murve Maidan in Simaria, Jharkhand, Modi said the alliance and the local JMM-Congress govt was full of corruption. Accusing the JMM-Congress-RJD govt of running an opium industry in Chatra, he said people should not vote for them if they want to secure the future of their children.“Mountains of cash are being recovered from JMM and Congress leaders. I have never seen such an amount of cash in one place. If so much money is there with the PA and his servant, one can imagine the amount of black money held by ministers,” he said.
“One leader of the alliance partner has offered to merge with Congress after declaration of the results. It seems that they have understood that by such a merger, they can at least retain the office of opposition leader in Parliament,” he quipped.


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