Chennai Super Kings stay in hunt with win over Rajasthan Royals: IPL playoff scenarios in 7 points | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: With a five-wicket victory over Rajasthan Royals, Chennai Super Kings moved up to the third spot in the standings with 14 points and inched closer to qualifying for the playoffs.
Use TOI’s interactive utility to see possible playoff scenarios
We look at the chances of each team:
* It is now certain that KKR will either top the table or at least be joint second. They have a 62.5% chance of being sole toppers. If they do end up tied second, it would be with SRH and at the moment KKR have a much higher net run rate.
* RR have dented their chances of topping the table by losing to CSK, but they still have 37.5% chance of tying for the top spot and a 12.5% chance of being sole toppers.They could still miss out on the playoffs if they lose their remaining games, SRH win both of theirs and CSK beat RCB. That would leave them in a three-way tie for third spot with CSK and either LSG or DC.
* SRH is almost certain to finish within the top four on points (94% chance), but not sure to qualify. They could end up tied fourth with up to three other teams or tied third with up to five other teams. Even one win from its two remaining matches would not guarantee qualification if other results don’t go their way.
* CSK now have an 81% chance of making the top four singly or jointly. The best they can hope for is joint second with up to three other teams so qualification is far from certain.
* DC now has a 50% chance of tying for second, third or fourth spot. But the tie could be with up to three other teams for second, up to five others for third and up to four other teams for fourth spot. That means it will need to win big to up its net run rate.
* LSG’s situation is identical to DC’s with its best options being a two-way to four-way tie for second, a two-way to six-way tie for third spot or a two-way to five-way tie for fourth. Given its currently inferior NRR, that makes big wins even more imperative.
* RCB’s chances of even tying for third or fourth spot are much lower than DC’s or LSG’s at just over 20%. And again, if they do manage to get there, it would involve a four-way to six-way tie for third and a two-way to four-way tie for fourth. The good new for them is that they have a positive NRR.
* GT’s chances of a joint third or fourth place finish are even lower at 12.5%. If they end up tied third it would be with four or five other teams and if tied fourth it would be with two to three other teams. As of now, they have the worst NRR among all the teams in contention, so there’s a lot of catching up to do.


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