Duke University students stage walkout during Jerry Seinfeld’s speech over his vocal support for Israel

NEW DELHI: Dozens of Duke University students on Sunday staged a walkout during the commencement ceremony, chanting “free Palestine” as a form of protest against the guest speaker, comedian Jerry Seinfeld. The students’ actions were in response to Seinfeld’s vocal support for Israel throughout the ongoing conflict in Gaza, as evidenced by videos of the event circulating on social media.
Despite the walkout, Seinfeld received an honorary degree and delivered his speech without major disruptions, while some graduates showed their support by shouting “Jerry! Jerry!”
The comedian has been a strong advocate for Israel since the beginning of the conflict on Oct. 7, when the militant group Hamas killed 1,200 people and abducted 252 others. Since then, Israel’s military operations have resulted in the deaths of more than 35,000 Palestinians.
The walkout at Duke University is the most recent example of the ongoing protests that have been taking place on US college campuses. Students are demanding that universities divest from arms suppliers and other companies that are profiting from the war. They are also calling for amnesty for students and faculty members who have faced disciplinary action or termination as a result of their participation in these protests.


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