‘Free power, local clinics across India’: Delhi CM in bid to counter PM Modi with ‘Kejriwal ki guarantee’ | India News

NEW DELHI: On Day 2 of his campaigning after being released on interim bail, the Delhi CM Sunday announced ‘Kejriwal ki Guarantee’, listing 10 pledges, including granting full statehood to Delhi, scrapping Agniveer scheme and simplifying GST, which will be fulfilled if ‘INDIA’ bloc forms the govt at the Centre.
Saying people would have to choose between these pledges and ‘Modi ki Guarantee’, the CM said while “we know how to do it” claiming AAP govts in Delhi and Punjab have walked the talk, PM hasn’t fulfilled his vows.
Kejriwal said due of paucity of time, he couldn’t talk to ‘INDIA’ bloc members about these guarantees, and claimed they wouldn’t have a problem with schools and hospitals being opened.
The other pledges in ‘Kejriwal ki Guarantee’ include freeing Indian territory from “Chinese occupation”, offering 200 units of free electricity per month across the country, establishing mohalla clinics in every village of India, ensuring farmers are provided MSP as per Swaminathan Commission report, generating 2 crore new jobs annually to address unemployment concerns and ending corruption by “breaking BJP’s washing machine”.
Claiming AAP had fulfilled its “guarantees” of free power, good schools and mohalla clinics in Delhi, Kejriwal said “we can do it in the entire country”. He added, “Govt schools in India are in bad shape. We will arrange good quality education. Rashtra Sarvopari is our guarantee. China has occupied our land, and we will free it from their occupation.”
Taking a dig at PM Modi’s Ayushman Bharat scheme without naming it, Kejriwal said, “Under ‘INDIA’ govt, everyone will be treated for free. No one will be treated on basis of insurance as this is a big scam.” He alleged Modi did not fulfill most of his promises, including the one to set up smart cities. “Modiji’s guarantees are not worth believing; there is no answer as to who will fulfill his guarantee after his ‘retirement’ (as PM) next year,” he said.
Taking a dig at Agniveer scheme, Kejriwal said, “Youths are recruited into the Army and fired after four years, thus weakening the Army. Agniveer will be discontinued. This contract system will be stopped and the children will again get permanent jobs.”
Iterating his claim that PM Modi would retire after 75 years, Kejriwal said while many BJP netas have come out in PM’s support since he spoke on this issue on Saturday, Modi has not till now said anything on it. “It is clear from this PM will not obey rules made by him,” Kejriwal added.
He also said, “It has been more than 24 hours, but since no BJP neta has said Yogi ji will not be removed as UP CM (as claimed by Kejriwal), it is clear he will be removed after two months.”
Delhi BJP president Virendra Sachdeva said it was ridiculous for a party (AAP) contesting in only 21 Lok Sabha seats and unlikely to win a single seat claiming to form a govt at the Centre. Kejriwal is an expert in selling false dreams, he added. “He (CM) knows that he will be wiped out from Delhi in Feb 2025. So he wants to remain in the news by saying anything,” Sachdeva said.
“Not a single new school or college has been opened in Delhi in the past 10 years, and Kejriwal is claiming to open schools in every village of the country. Mohalla clinics in Delhi are in rickety condition and many have shut down or become a hub of scam involving pathological and other tests. LNJP is a big Delhi govt hospital but has no MRI machine; patients get a date for ultrasound only after a year or so. Even Delhi HC has reprimanded AAP govt on poor health services,” Sachdeva said, adding, “It became clear how much Kejriwal respects our soldiers the day he asked for proof of the surgical strike.”


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