Israel intensifies action in central Gaza; operation underway in eastern Rafah

NEW DELHI: The Israel Defense Forces said that its troops have been operating in eastern Rafah and have “intensified’ operational activity in the Zeitoun area in central Gaza, CNN reported.
This follows the Israeli military’s order to evacuate additional neighborhoods in eastern Rafah as they intensify their operations in the southern Gazan city.
According to CNN, the military has also ordered residents and the displaced people in several neighbourhoods in northern Gaza to leave the area immediately and head toward “shelters’ west of Gaza City.
The IDF reported that many gunmen have been killed and numerous weapons have been captured during the ongoing raid in Zeitoun.
Troops in Rafah killed multiple Hamas gunmen in the eastern area of the city and also discovered several tunnels, according to the IDF.
According to the IDF, the aircraft struck “tens of terror targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including military structures, launch posts, observation posts, terrorist operatives and additional terrorist infrastructure.”
As per the update from the local hospitals, at least 47 people were killed, including children, in Israeli airstrikes in northern and central Gaza Friday evening and overnight, as per CNN.
IDF troops have also been operating “against Hamas terrorists and infrastructure in specific areas of eastern Rafah,” the IDF said. “Over the past day, IDF troops eliminated numerous terrorists in close-quarters combat and dismantled terrorist infrastructure in the area.”
It was mentioned that Israeli Defense Forces soldiers also found many underground tunnel shafts in the area next to the Rafah border with Egypt.
After this, the Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that 28 individuals lost their lives due to Israeli military actions in the last 24 hours. Additionally, the Ministry mentioned that 69 individuals were wounded during the same timeframe.
The Ministry stated that 34,971 people have been killed in Gaza and 78,641 injured since the launch of the Israeli counter-offensive.
The conflict in Gaza intensified following an attack by Hamas on October 7. Approximately 2,500 terrorists crossed the border from the Gaza Strip into Israel, resulting in casualties and the taking of hostages.
Israel has described its Gaza offensive as aimed at Hamas’ infrastructure with the objective of eradicating the entire terror group while striving to reduce civilian casualties.
(With inputs from agencies)


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