Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah rules out handing over Prajwal sex video probe to CBI, backs SIT | India News

BENGALURU: Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah on Sunday ruled out handing over the Prajwal Revanna sex tapes case to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), turning down BJP’s demand for a central probe. “It is they (BJP) who once used to say CBI stands for Corruption Bureau of Investigation. Between 2008 and 2023, we had demanded so many cases be handed over to CBI.How many did they actually hand over? What moral right do they have to ask us to hand over the case to CBI?” Siddaramaiah asked, while addressing a press meet here.
The CM was quick to add it does not mean he has no confidence in CBI. “ CBI is an investigating agency. SIT is also an investigating agency. I do have faith in CBI just like any other investigation agency. If there is a case that merits to be handed over to CBI, we will. BJP does not have faith in our own state police,” he said. Siddaramaiah defended SIT and said the special team was doing its job properly and that BJP and JD(S) were trying to mislead people by making such demands.
Former CM HD Kumaraswamy, demanded a CBI probe after alleging that the SIT was nothing more than “Siddaramaiah Investigation Team” (SIT), which is trying to protect the Congress leadership’s alleged involvement in the distribution of pen drives with obscene content allegedly involving Prajwal Revanna.


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