Wildfire in Canada’s British Columbia forces thousands to evacuate | India News

NEW DELHI: Despite the improving weather conditions, Canadian authorities are strongly advising all remaining residents in the northeastern region of British Columbia to evacuate immediately. The fast-growing wildfire, which began on Friday, has already forced thousands to flee their homes. The blaze nearly doubled in size on Saturday, reaching approximately 17 square kilometers (4,200 acres), as shown by BC Wildfire Service maps.
Local residents shared online footage depicting thick plumes of smoke rising high into the sky, with houses visible in the foreground. Some photos showed haze covering wide areas. The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality and Fort Nelson First Nation released a joint statement cautioning those who choose to stay behind, stating that “emergency medical services are not available, nor are groceries or other amenities.”
Rob Fraser, the municipality mayor, reported that most of the 3,500 residents in and around Fort Nelson, B.C., have been evacuated, with police going door to door to ensure everyone’s safety. Fraser mentioned that the Parker Lake fire is one of three significant wildfires near Fort Nelson, situated in the far northeastern corner of British Columbia, approximately 1,600 kilometers (994 miles) from Vancouver. Health authorities confirmed that Fort Nelson General Hospital has been safely evacuated and will remain closed until further notice.
Resident Bud Streeper shared a video update from the area on Saturday, reporting that the winds that had rapidly intensified the Parker Lake wildfire on Friday night had diminished overnight, resulting in reduced fire activity around the town. The strong winds pushed smoke from the blaze into parts of neighboring Alberta on Saturday, causing the city of Edmonton to be placed under an air quality advisory with hazard levels rated at 10-plus, or “very high risk.”
Meteorologists are not expecting rain in the area and have advised people to remain indoors for their safety.


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