SBI jobs: 85% of State Bank of India’s hiring for POs & associates in FY25 are engineering graduates | India Business News

SBI jobs: In the upcoming fiscal year 2025, State Bank of India (SBI) is aiming to bring on board around 12,000 fresh faces. According to SBI chairman Dinesh Khara, 85% of the 12,000 new recruits expected to join the bank in FY25 are engineering graduates.
As per an PTI report, Khara has said that the bank is hiring them as probationary officers and associates, with no intentional preference for engineers.
Following initial training, which includes banking fundamentals, the POs (numbering over 3,000) and associates (exceeding 8,000) will be assigned to various business roles within the bank.
The banking sector is relying more on technology to engage customers innovatively, although some are facing challenges in this area.
Khara was quoted as saying, “We expose them into banking and thereafter, channelise them into various roles in business and IT, depending on their aptitude and temperament, and that is something which is helping us ensure that there is a continuous supply of tech manpower to the bank.”
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This is happening at a time when attrition in the IT sector, a popular career path for engineering graduates, is decreasing. Consequently, IT firms are hiring fewer graduates despite the high supply of engineering talent.
SBI Chairman mentioned that SBI invests heavily in training its workforce and has a specialized in-house institute dedicated to enhancing technology skills.
He also emphasized the importance of every staff member staying updated on technology, noting that because the bank processes a large number of transactions, it is essential for staff to be technologically proficient.
“Technology is very important, and none of us can ignore it,” he said, noting that the bank regularly receives guidance from regulators on these matters.
Recently, the RBI has been more focused on technology and has penalized banks for any shortcomings.
Khara chose not to disclose the bank’s total technology spending but emphasized that it is the highest in the industry. An official mentioned that it exceeds the industry average of 7-8% of operational expenses.


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