Curfew is imposed in New Caledonia after unrest wracks French island territory in south Pacific | World News

PARIS: Authorities in the French Pacific territory of New Caledonia announced an overnight curfew and banned gatherings on Tuesday after violent unrest erupted in the capital of Noumea.
The territory’s top French official said security forces suffered “numerous injured.” No serious civilian casualties were reported, the high commissioner’s statement said.
It said Noumea was wracked by “high intensity” disturbances overnight from Monday to Tuesday. The official said numerous stores and video surveillance equipment were damaged and security forces made 36 arrests.
French media reported that the unrest started with protests against voting reforms that French lawmakers are debating in Paris and which would increase the number of people who could cast ballots in New Caledonia.
The curfew in Noumea from 6 p.m local time Tuesday evening will last for at least 12 hours and could be extended if necessary, the high commissioner said.


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