‘Only bowler who is bowling like a spinner’: Harbhajan Singh applauds Yuzvendra Chahal | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Former India spinner Harbhajan Singh has lauded the exceptional spin bowling prowess displayed by Yuzvendra Chahal, as the Rajasthan Royals secured their playoff spot in the Indian Premier League.
Reflecting on Chahal’s standout performances, Harbhajan emphasized the distinctiveness in Chahal’s approach compared to his peers.
“He [Yuzvendra Chahal] is the only bowler, who’s bowling like a spinner.I should say, spinner who is bowling like a spinner,” Harbhajan remarked in an analysis aired on Star Sports.Highlighting Chahal’s adeptness at imparting flight, variation, and tactical acumen, Harbhajan noted a significant contrast between Chahal’s bowling style and that of other spinners in the tournament. “Spinning the ball, he’s got that flight, he’s got that variation and he’s using it very wisely. When I look at him bowling, and look at other spinners, there’s a vast difference,” he elaborated.
In dissecting Chahal’s success, Harbhajan underlined the importance of a mindset geared towards wicket-taking. “You have to think that I’m going to get you out. That’s what Yuzvendra Chahal is doing,” he affirmed. While acknowledging the achievements of established spinners like Ravichandran Ashwin and Kuldeep Yadav, Harbhajan drew attention to the contrast with spinners who appear content with containment rather than actively seeking wickets.

Harbhajan’s analysis provided a deep dive into Chahal’s exceptional spin bowling skills, emphasizing the significance of his traditional approach in a tournament where spin plays a crucial role.
Already secured of their play-off spot, the Royals will play their last two league games in their second home – Guwahati. Their next match is on Wednesday against the already eliminated Punjab Kings. It will be followed by a top-of-the-table contest against Kolkata Knight Riders on Sunday at the same venue.


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