Pakistan boy kills drug addict father for assaulting mother

ISLAMABAD: A tragic incident unfolded in Tibba Sultanpur as a 15-year-old boy, driven by rage, took the life of his father, whom he described as a ‘drug addict‘, for assaulting his mother, ARY News reported.
Initially reported as a citizen being gunned down by an ‘unknown individual’, further investigation revealed the unexpected perpetrator to be the victim’s own son, Ali Hassan.The incident, which occurred in the town between Multan and Vehari, stunned the local community.
Following diligent scrutiny of CCTV footage, the police swiftly apprehended Ali Hassan, who subsequently confessed to the crime. He recounted how his father, inebriated from alcohol consumption, had subjected his mother to verbal and physical abuse, prompting Ali to take drastic action.
The murder weapon was recovered from Ali, and the authorities initiated a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.
This incident echoes a similar one from April 24, where another family was shattered by violence.
In Nankana Sahib, a man named Advocate Sajid was fatally shot, along with his brother, allegedly by his own son, Zain.
The confrontation arose after Advocate Sajid reclaimed his car from Zain, leading to a deadly altercation.
Law enforcement revealed that the attack occurred as Advocate Sajid and his brother, Waqas, were returning from the court. Zain intercepted them and unleashed gunfire, resulting in the tragic demise of his father and uncle.
He then fled the scene with the vehicle, ARY News reported.


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